South Fulton County

Jealous boyfriend at center of deadly triple shooting, police say

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — There are new developments in a deadly shootout that sent bullets flying around an apartment complex.

Neighbors said they heard shots and screams for help

“I thought it was just fireworks. Somebody was playing a joke or something."

That was just senseless. This was no joke.

The gunshots the neighbor heard led to one man dying, a woman shot in the neck and another man wounded.

“I just heard the girl screaming for help and the guy was panicking,” the neighbor said.


Police said the violence began when Skyler McKenzie and another man gave Shantrelle Quarterman a ride to her unit at Avery Park Apartments around 5:45 Monday morning.

"The boyfriend began shooting almost right away," said Chief Ferman Williford with College Park Police Department.

Police said Quarterman's boyfriend, Jamal Williams, shot and killed McKenzie. Quarterman suffered a wound to the neck. Someone in the car returned fire wounding Williams.

A neighbor told Channel 2's Tom Jones he heard McKenzie's friend imploring him not to give up.

"It was, like, 'Come on, wake up! You got a baby, man. You just had a baby,'" he said.

Finley said he heard one shooting victim banging on the back door of an apartment and added he isn't surprised about the violence.

Officers said MacKenzie and his friend were doing Quarterman a favor taking her home, after she had first planned to get an Uber ride.

Quarterman is in critical condition.

Williams is in stable condition.

Police are still investigating and haven't charged anyone.