South Fulton County

Parents on edge after school bus shot at in South Fulton County

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Witnesses say an argument between a woman and a bus driver led to shots being fired at a school bus in South Fulton County on Thursday.

Channel 2's Christian Jennings has learned that the incident involved a school bus carrying high school students from Creekside High School.

Jennings obtained video of the bus Friday and did not see any signs of damage. Fulton County School police say the shot missed the bus and no students were injured.


A woman who didn't want to be identified saw the whole thing happen, but didn't want to be on camera. A witness told Jennings a woman blocked the school bus on Hania Drive  in her car, got out, and started arguing with the bus driver. Minutes later, she saw a man pull up and pull out a gun.

"The school bus driver and the young lady were arguing," the witness told Jennings. "When she finally was getting ready to get in the car, another car drove up and as soon as this gentleman jumped out, he said 'I'll take care of her.' And it was less than 5 seconds and he had a gun and shot toward the bus."

The woman said she didn't know what the argument was about, but she ran for cover when she saw the gun. She said she only heard one shot.

Theola Johnson's grandson is a senior at Creekside High and she heard about the shooting when the school district sent out an email.

"It made me wonder if it was a disgruntled parent," Johnson said.

Johnson showed Jennings the email the school sent parents, which confirmed that shots were fired andthat Fulton County school police are investigating.

Officials told Jennings that the shooter left in a black sports car, either a Mustang or a two-door Charger. Investigators believe the man may have fired the shot into the air.

Still, parents are on edge.

"I pray every day for his safety and the safety of others," Johnson said. "(This kind of thing) is happening too much."

The school district issued a statement Friday asking for anyone who knows anything to come forward. It read, in part:

"Fulton Schools Police and the City of South Fulton Police are working collaboratively to investigate the reports of a firearm being fired in proximity to our school bus during an afternoon student drop off on April 25th.... We are asking the community to stand behind us and help us with any information they can provide to apprehend the person(s) responsible. We encourage the community to send tips to"