Neighbors say sewage smell is seeping into their homes, making them sick

Neighbors say sewage smell is seeping into their homes, making them sick

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A metro Atlanta community says a foul smell from a sewer spill is seeping into their houses and making them sick.

Channel 2's Tom Jones was at the Brookstone community in Union City, where residents say they have been dealing with the smell for days.

Two residents even had to call paramedics because they couldn't stand it anymore.

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"It was so strong it just took your breath away," Harriett Dawson said. "My eyes were burning and I could hardly open (them)."

Neighbors said they first started to smell the odor Thursday after a huge sewer line broke.


Neighbors said the smell was the worst inside their homes.

Dawson was one of the people who called 911.

"When he came to my door he said, 'I see what you're talking about. It stinks,'" Dawson said. At first, neighbors didn't know where the smell was coming from.

Dawson began calling around and said a Fulton County Public Works employee told her a sewer line had burst on the nearby property of the Ring Crane Power Company on Jonesboro Road.

Jones talked to a county worker, who confirmed that's what happened.

Crews were working to replace the pipes Tuesday.

Dawson contacted officials, who said it would be at least two weeks before the problem is fixed.

Dawson is recovering from surgery and said the odor is threatening her health.

"How do you expect me to keep living like this when I'm a sick person?" Dawson said. "They need to do something, because this is ridiculous."

A county spokesman said officials would share more details about later Thursday about the project to fix the pipe.

Dawson said the county should have sent notices out about the issue.