South Fulton County

Man killed in car fire; residents upset at emergency response

SOUTH FULTON COUTY, Ga. — Police are investigating a deadly wreck in which a car hit a street sweeper and caught fire in Fairburn. Witnesses told Channel 2 Action News they're concerned about the emergency response.

Distraught and heartbroken witness Barbara Allison told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes how she tried to help the injured man who was stuck in the burning PT Cruiser.

She used a tire iron to bust out the front window before police or firefighters arrived.

"He was still alive. He was moaning. It was smooshed on the right side of the car. He was bleeding," Allison said.

Allison couldn't get the doors open.

Witness Janessa Norwood also tried to open the victim's door.

"I tried to unlock it. It's jammed," Norwood said.

Police admitted they didn't have the right equipment to put out the fire. They did have an extinguisher, which wasn't enough to put the flames out.

"All they had was this teeny, tiny fire extinguisher, and they kept asking people for another one," Allison said.

By the time the Fire Department arrived it was too late. The victim died. Witnesses believe he could have been saved.

"I don't understand how we pay taxes in Fulton County and Fairburn and the police weren't equipped and the Fire Department wasn't here for this poor man. That could've been your child, your son, your baby," Allison said.