Man accused of cruelty to horses held on $75,000 bond

Channel 2's Richard Elliot spoke with the man's attorney who says this case centers around a property dispute. The attorney speaks about what could clear his client's name.

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — The attorney for a man charged with abusing horses believes the charges against him will be dropped.

Brandon Fulton, 35, faced a judge Wednesday morning after police said they found dead horses on his property.

Animal Services showed up to a property on Butner Road Tuesday after getting a call about a dead horse.

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"He actually found three dead horses on the property back in the woodline," Tim Poorman, of Fulton County Animal Control, said.

Poorman said officials found eight other horses, three of whom looked weak and malnourished.

He said this is not authorities’ first encounter with Fulton.

“We’ve had several calls out here in the past, (but it’s) never been this bad,” Poorman said.

Fulton was arrested when he showed up on the property.

His attorney said this is all because of a dispute with a neighbor.

Fulton County Code Enforcement said it believes that Fulton doesn't actually own the property.

"He has been reported that he's squatting. The property owner filed a police report, and she has a superior court writ in place to get him removed from the property," Stanley Fletcher said.


Fulton's attorney hinted that at least some of the horses in question may not be his. %



"I understand that there's a lot more going on here than has been presented so far, and we expect that we will have it all cleared up and worked out and have these charges against him dismissed," attorney Abena Abayomi-Roger said.

The judge ordered Fulton to be held on $75,000 bond. He was ordered to surrender all of his animals and remains in jail.

A man who didn't want to show his face said animal services seized his horse.

“She looks like she’s good. She's one of the healthiest ones out here,” the man said. “As far as the rest of the poor horses, I don't know nothing about (them).”

The horses who were still alive are in the hands of a rescue service, which will nurse them back to health.