4 facing charges in Mother's Day brawl

EAST POINT, Ga. — The attorney for the family

feels his clients will be cleared.

Channel 2’s Liz Artz obtained surveillance video from inside the restaurant brawl, as police announced Monday they will charge three family members and a restaurant employee.

Attorney Charles Webb believes when all the circumstances are made public, his clients will be exonerated.

“They had requested a manager come to the table and that caused problems between the waiter and the family," Webb said.%



Webb told Artz problems between his clients and server Demonte Harrison started at the table before the first punch was thrown.

East Point police released surveillance video for the first time Monday from inside Kiku's Japanese steak house. The brawl broke out on Mother's Day.

“Once this particular case plays out in a court of law, it will show my clients were only defending themselves against the assault on them," Webb said.

Police say Willis Hall threw the first punch and then they say cousin Zacarii Dalcoe joined in the fight along with Devecc Bilingslea.

All three will be charged with disorderly conduct.

Detectives told Artz that Harrison, 21, will also be charged. They say video shows him chasing the family outside the restaurant and kicking their car.

"When they came back to the location, that’s when the employees attacked them again, kicking the side of their car," Webb told Artz.

Webb said the family had spent an emotional day at their mother's grave site. It was the first Mother's Day since her death in January.

"They would never assault anyone, but based upon what transpired in the case, they are perceived as having assaulted this waiter and that is simply not the case," Webb said.

Police say everyone who is charged in this case face a possible six months to one year jail time, a fine up to a $1,000 and possible restitution.

The restaurant owner told Artz at the time he lost $5,000 that day from people leaving without paying and the restaurant closing early.