Driver of stolen car escapes after chase ends in fiery crash, police say

The driver is accused of stealing a Dodge Charger and leading police on a chase.

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police are looking for the driver of a stolen car who escaped officers following a wild chase that ended in a fiery crash.

Hapeville police told Channel 2's Kristen Holloway it started when an officer noticed a group of men trying to break into a car.

That turned into a high-speed chase between police and the suspects in the stolen Dodge Charger. It ended when the car crashed into a silver van right in front of a daycare.

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Two people are in custody, but the driver of the stolen car ran away. The van's driver and one of the suspects were taken to the hospital.


Several witnesses saw and heard what happened at the intersection of Sylvan Road and Lakewood Avenue.

"When we came up to the scene, police said 'This is what happens when you steal a car,'" a witness told Channel 2 Action News.

Someone gave us video of the driver escaping.

After the crash, the suspect ran behind the daycare. Police were right behind him, but the man jumped over a wooden fence.

Officers used a stun gun on the man, but he still escaped.

Witnesses told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes seeing all this happen in front of a daycare made them nervous.

They are glad no children were hurt, but they are angry with the suspects for not caring if anyone else was hurt.

"People just thinking of what somebody earned and they wanna steal it and take it," a woman said.

Fernandes checked with Hapeville and Atlanta police departments Monday afternoon. They are still working to identify the driver.