• Some North Georgia roads to be closed for Solar Eclipse

    By: Berndt Petersen


    WHITE COUNTY, Ga. - If you’re planning on heading up north to watch 

    The U.S. Forest Service said it will close some roads on the day of the total solar eclipse and warn that it will tow any vehicles blocking the roads.

    Areas in north Georgia will see the full totality of the solar eclipse on August 21.

    Channel 2's Berndt Peterson talked to rangers about how they are preparing for the influx of visitors that day.

    They are warning visitors that it will help to have an old school map to pinpoint which roads will be closed because a smartphone app may not work well up in the mountains.

    Amy Scarborough, who lives in the area, says if you intend to hike to the top of Georgia's tallest mountains to see the solar eclipse --- it helps to have local knowledge.

    "This is difficult to find," Scarborough said. "My GPS does not bring me here. I just know how to get here."

    Federal officials have decided to close some of the roads in the Chattanooga National Forest on the day of the eclipse --- because these gravel paths weren't built to handle big crowds. 

    "Some of these roads are real narrow, and you can't get two cars or an ambulance or firetruck through them --- if cars are parked along the side," Scarborough said.

    US Forest Service spokesman Steve Bekkerus says if vehicles are blocking roads in the mountains --- they will be hauled away. 

    Scarborough believes the mountain roads will be jammed. She thinks it might take hours to get in and certainly hours to get back out. She is afraid there will be a lot of visitors who won't know where they are going.

    "I think people are going to end up getting lost, turning around, and not knowing where the trailhead is," Scarborough said.

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