Social media fight escalates into boiling oil attack

Social media dispute escalates into oil attack

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Two Cobb County women are recovering from serious burns after being attacked by other women with boiling oil.

It all started with a social media dispute. Channel 2's Ross Cavitt spoke to a woman who said her life has changed because of insults made on Instagram.

Ashley Hardy said she went to a Cobb County apartment complex to support a friend feuding with an acquaintance over the insults.  The next thing she knew, one of the women approached them with a pot, while two others held open their car door and splashed the boiling liquid inside, Hardy said.

"I couldn't even scream. That was the thing, I couldn't scream. I was just in shock because I didn't believe it was happening to me at all," Hardy said.

She received third-degree burns on her leg and faces possible painful skin grafts or surgery.

"It's hard for me to walk, bathe, just get up to use the bathroom, anything. Everyday things that I'm used to doing, it's hard for me to do now," Hardy told Cavitt.

Police arrested and charged three women with felony battery: Zawadi Clark, Myzell Armstrong and Mykhal Tait. Hardy said Clark tossed the oil and the others helped out.

"You look at somebody who has been severely burned, third-degree burns. It may leave lifelong scars. It's a pretty traumatic situation for the victim," Smyrna Police spokesman Michael Smith said.

Hardy said she's learned a valuable lesson.

"Don't ever show up at anybody's house after they tell you they're trying to fight you or anything. Don't show up. Just let it go, ignore it," she said.

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