Slider crime suspects back at it; woman becomes victim in just seconds

ATLANTA — "Sliding” is a method police said many crooks are using to steal from people while they’re pumping gas.

Even those who have been warned and are well-aware of slider crimes told Channel 2 Action News they are still falling victim.

Videos of thieves sneaking into the cars of unsuspecting gas station customers have been released.

A woman said she skipped her usual routine, and that's when a thief picked her at a Chevron gas station on Bolton Road in Northwest Atlanta.

"It definitely caught me off guard. I'm usually one of those people who locks the door, triple locks it, but it just takes that one off day that gets you out of your routine," Felicia Lyn said. "It's just crazy to think it can happen so quickly."

Lyn told Channel 2 Action News the same thief struck three times in 90 minutes Tuesday morning, also selecting victims at QuickTrip on Howell Mill and RaceTrac on Marietta Boulevard.


"They're bold enough, middle of the morning with a full lot to go in and steal from you," Lyn said.

Atlanta police said there have been three slider crimes in the past three months at the Chevron.

They said Zone 2 placed additional resources there.

In a statement, Atlanta Police Department said:

"When we do make arrests, we find it is often juveniles and repeat offenders. The court system typically does not hold someone for long on these types of crimes."

APD urges everyone to hide valuables and lock up every time.

“Don't be naive like it can't happen to you because it can happen anywhere,” Lyn said.