• Sheriff boycotts business with gun ban


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A local sheriff is vowing to boycott a supplier of police uniforms and equipment because of a controversial gun ban.

    Channel 2's Eric Philips went to Dana Safety Supply's Sugar Hill location Thursday to look into the new rules. The policy prevents the sale of semi-automatic or self-loading rifles to the general public. The company calls it a safety measure, but opponents in the gun rights community are speaking their minds.

    "They made the decision not to sell a weapon like this to the general public. I've made the decision not to buy anything else from Dana Safety Supply," Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry told Philips.

    Berry felt so strongly about the new policy he sent a letter telling the company he will no longer do business with them.

    "I won't change my mind," he added.

    The company is also catching heat from the public. Comments on its Facebook page included "Boycott Dana," and "Hope you go bankrupt, losers."

    Company officials declined an on-camera interview but sent a statement saying in part, "While we support the rights of Americans to own and safely enjoy firearms, we have chosen to sell some select firearms to law enforcement personnel only. DSS remains dedicated to the safe and responsible sale of firearms.

    The move comes on the heels of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut where a gunman used a semi-automatic rifle to kill students and teachers last month.

    Berry argued, "The gun didn't cause a problem at Sandy Hook. A person did."

    Furthermore, Berry said it doesn't make sense that the company will sell a lever action rifle to the public but not a self-loading rifle, when both can kill.

    "I believe that law abiding citizens have the right to choose firearms, just like licensed drivers have the right to choose what kind of car they drive," Berry said.

    He said he's received about 200 emails in support of his decision.


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