Alarm installer accused of stealing from customer

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A security alarm installer is accused of stealing credit cards from a customer in Johns Creek and police want to know if he's behind other thefts.
Lisa Gabrielson told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik someone broke into her home on Valentine's Day.
"They came in through this window here, just broke the sash open, cracked the lock and went straight to all of my jewelry," she said.
A few days later, she said she called ADT to have her alarm system reactivated and police said technician Fedner Boyer was dispatched to her home.
"He was very friendly, wanted to know all about the burglary and acted very professional," she said.
Gabrielson said she kept her purse with her during the installation, but at one point left it behind after Boyer asked her to check on something in her bedroom. 
That's when police believe the Duluth man stole her credit card information from the purse.
"In that time, he took my purse, scanned my credit cards, cloned them and over the next two days and proceeded to use them throughout the Atlanta Metro area," she said.
Police told Petchenik detectives were able to track down surveillance video of Boyer using the cards at various locations.
"One of the charges made outside of Johns Creek, his employer verified he was in that area doing an install at the approximate time that was used," said Captain Chris Byers.
Byers said U.S. Customs agents arrested Boyer last week at the airport after he arrived home from a vacation.  He said what happened should be a cautionary tale for any homeowner.
"Definitely watch your stuff and stay with anyone inside of your home working that you don't know," he said.
Petchenik reached out to ADT and Boyer's employer, SafeStreets USA, the authorized system dealer, for comment and was waiting to hear back as of Wednesday afternoon.
Gabrielson said SafeStreets president contacted her and was apologetic about what happened.
"Very responsive and said this is in no way a reflection of the company, just a corrupt individual," she said.
She said ADT has yet to respond about the incident. 
"I've been ignored," she said.
She said she's glad Boyer had been arrested.
"Justice hopefully will be served at this point," she said.