• Woman robbed after pulling over to help stranger, police say

    By: Tyisha Fernandes


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Police are looking for two men who robbed a woman after flagging her down to pull over.

    Late Saturday night, two men in a black Chevy Impala flagged the woman down on U.S. 78, which is also Scott Boulevard in Decatur.

    As soon as she pulled over near Merrill Avenue they put a gun in her face and robbed her, police said.

    The victim said that after she pulled over, one of the suspects told her something was wrong with the lights on her car.

    "I was always kinda taught to help people if you really feel like they might need help," said Isaiah Favors, who lives in the area. 

    Police say the two suspects took all of her jewelry and she handed it over begging them not to hurt her.

    Residents said it's a shame that you've got to just keep going when people need help because it's just not worth it..

    "Sometimes good intentions are a good way to get killed," said Robert McMillan.

    The victim survived. Police say the suspects didn't hurt her at all but they got away and could do this to someone else.

    "That's horrible, you're pulling over expecting to help someone that's in need of assistance and you know you get bum rushed," said resident Iodalis Mohammed.


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