Scooters returning to the streets of Atlanta

ATLANTA — It may be hard to remember life before the COVID-19 pandemic, but earlier this year scooters were once a common site around the streets of Atlanta. They then disappeared. But now, they’re back.

The City of Atlanta says they’ve launched their first of four phases of new scooters.

Officials is allowing four companies to rent out their scooters: Bird, Helbiz, Spin, and Veoride. Each company will offer stand-up scooters for rent.

In addition, Helbiz will provide e-bikes and Veoride will offer sit-down scooters.

“Atlanta, like many major cities, understands the need to present options of various modes of transportation,” said ATLDOT Commissioner Josh Rowan. “Dockless mobility devices are just one part of this equation. Our goal is to ensure we adhere to the input we received under our previous program and to improve our delivery in addressing the city’s transportation needs.”

Officials say the first phase will include the limited deployment of small fleet sizes, with fleet deployments increasing in size in the second and third phases. The fleet size deployment in the fourth and final phase will be adjusted based on operations and public health needs.

City officials say that “operations will be monitored daily, with fleet size and staged implementation timelines adjusted should any public health concerns emerge.”