Same prosecutor tried death penalty cases for both Tiffany Moss, Scotty Morrow

ATLANTA — There is an unusual connection between two death penalty cases making headlines in the last 48 hours: They were both prosecuted by the same person.

Tiffany Moss was sentenced to death earlier this week for starving her 10-year-old stepdaughter, Emani, to death in 2013. Scotty Morrow is scheduled to die Thursday night for killing his girlfriend and another woman in Hall County in 2994.

Lisa Jones prosecuted both cases.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas spoke to Jones about Moss' and Morrow's cases -- the only two death row she has tried in her career.


Jones said she tried to focus on Emani when she gave the closing argument in Moss' trial last week.

"This defendant starved her to death," Jones said. "She was Emani, and she mattered."

Almost exactly 20 years earlier, Jones gave the opening statement in Morrow's case. Morrow spent years on death row after his conviction for killing his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Young, and her friend, Tonya Woods, in 1994.

Morrow fought his execution at every turn -- vastly different from Moss, who refused legal advice and presented no defense.

Jones told Thomas she finds irony in the fact that she's only handled two death penalty cases in her career, and in the same week, just as one was convicted, one was scheduled to die.

"It's sort of my career coming full circle," Jones said. "(And) the jurors did make the right decision."

Jones said she will witness Morrow's final moments.

"I think, as a prosecutor, if I will stand in front of jurors and ask them to sentence someone to death, then I have the responsibility as an officer of the court to see it through."

Morrow told Channel 2's Mark Winne just hours before his scheduled execution that he does not want to die, but is at peace.