Not on her watch! Woman sprays man with gas as he tries to steal her car

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — Rockdale County deputies are searching for a “slider crew” that tried to steal a car from a woman pumping gas.

Security camera photos Channel 2 Action News obtained shows a man sneaking up on the woman at a Conyers BP gas station on Sigman Road. Deputies said someone in a Dodge Charger dropped the man off, just so he could steal her car.

The criminal eventually made it into her car undetected.

“The victim did not see the suspect until he attempted to drive away in the vehicle,” Deputy Lee Thomas said.

Once she realized someone else was starting up her car, the victim did the only thing she thought she could do.


She pulled the gas nozzle out and sprayed him while he was in the driver’s seat. That scared him away.

“It was like a movie. I didn’t realize it was actually happening,” said a witness who saw the whole thing unfold. “My son told me, he said, ‘Dad, I think he’s trying to steal the car,’ and I was looking, and I heard the car revving up and the next thing I know, he jumped out of the car and he started running.”

Soaked in gasoline, the would-be thief ran down the road and got back into the same Dodge Charger that dropped him off.

Deputies said they think the same guys have done this before, so they want help catching them.

“This is definitely not the first time they’ve done this. I’m pretty sure they’ll be attempting it again,” Thomas said.

Police are not identifying the victim in the case. Anyone who recognizes the man in the photos is urged to call Rockdale County deputies.