• Retiree says bank gave him counterfeit bills


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - A retired College Park couple says they received counterfeit bills from their bank,

    James Farrell told Channel 2’s Eric Philips he went to the SunTrust Bank on Main Street in downtown College Park last week and cashed a check for $275. He said he tried to spend one of two $50 bills from the bank at a fast food restaurant, but was told the bill was too large.

    Farrell said he went to another SunTrust branch to have the bill broken down.

    “So, I went into Kroger to the SunTrust over there and the lady looked at it. She said, ‘These two fake bills right here,’” Farrell said.

    Farrell said he went back to the original SunTrust branch the next day, but bank officials told him, and later his wife by phone, there was nothing they could do.

    “Our standard policy is not to replace counterfeit bills if the person making the claim has left our premises as we have no way to know if they are in fact the same bills... We will look into this particular claim and see if there are any extenuating circumstances,” SunTrust said in a statement.

    “I don’t have $100 to just give away,” Farrell said. “No, it’s not a lot of money. Me and my wife are retired. This is something I worked hard for.”

    His wife, Ladye Ann Farrell, said from now on they will use a counterfeit detector pen to mark larger bills so this never happens again.

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    Retiree says bank gave him counterfeit bills