• Retired general says career has been 'tarnished' by arrest


    FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - A retired four-star general is recovering from injuries he says he suffered at the hands of Fayetteville police. But, police say Gen. Bill Livsey, 84, was resisting arrest. 

    The incident happened Saturday along Carriage Chase in Fayetteville. Police say Livsey ordered Chinese food from the Royal Chef, but then tried to pay the driver with a debit card that was declined.

    When Livsey offered to pay with a check instead, the driver told him checks were not accepted by the restaurant and he would have to take the food back, according to police. 

    That's when officers say he grabbed the driver by the throat, pushed him and pinned him against a refrigerator.  

    Neighbors say the officers who arrested Livsey went too far. 

    "Just blown out of proportion," said Clint Dickerson. "Way too many police for that. Way too many. And the way they handcuffed him was ridiculous." 

    Police Chief Scott Pitts told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen his officers did not "manhandle" Livsey, but says the general resisted while being handcuffed. 

    Livsey's lawyer advised him not to speak to Petersen on camera, but the two did sit down off camera and talk about what happened. 

    He says he's feeling like his old self again.

    "I feel like I could wipe a tiger's a** with sandpaper," said Livsey. 

    Pitts says he will leave it up to prosecutors to decide what to do with the case. 

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