'I couldn't save him' Local mom devastated after remains found on New Mexico compound

TAOS, N.M. — There are new developments in the alarming discoveries made by investigators at a New Mexico compound.

The grandfather of missing Georgia boy Abdul-ghani Wahhaj said the child's remains were found at a desert compound in Taos.

Wahhaj was reported missing in December in Clayton County.

Authorities said his father told the boy's mother, Hakima Ramzi, that he wanted to perform an exorcism on the child.

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"My life took away from me. My life took away from me," Ramzi told Channel 2 Action News.

Ramzi said that, on Tuesday, a pair of Clayton County police investigators, who had been helping for months in the search for her missing son, came to her with the news that human remains had been discovered in the vicinity of the compound where her estranged husband, Siraj Wahhaj, had been arrested.

Authorities suspected the remains were those of her child.

“I wasn’t able to save my son’s life,” Ramzi said.

Ramzi said that, on November 29, her husband said he wanted to take the child to the park.

“I call him many times. I call and call and call him many times. He didn’t pick up the phone. He didn’t, every time. He didn’t pick up the phone,” Ramzi said.

The man never brought the child back.


“I get scared. My heart just broke. I get worried. I don’t know. I lost control of myself,” Ramzi said.

She said her husband had changed in the time leading up to the child's disappearance.

“He acted like different. Yeah, because I have been married to him for 15 years, almost 15 years. I never got any problem with him,” Ramzi said.

Ramzi said Clayton County police opened a missing persons case. She said they were “very, very helpful” and eventually began working on the case with the FBI.

In June, authorities told her of the compound in New Mexico.

“Finally, I’m going to meet my son. I will meet my son. I’m going to hug him. I’m going to see him. I’m going to bring him back to me, so I sit and we wait. I wait,” Ramzi said.

But she did not see her child in any of the surveillance pictures the FBI took.

She said she is still fighting for her son.

"We are committed to cooperating to the fullest extent with law enforcement to make sure that justice is served in this case," Ramzi's lawyer told Channel 2 Action News.

“I want justice. I want justice,” Ramzi said.

On Monday, authorities in Taos served a search warrant on what they are calling a compound, where they said they found women and children malnourished and living in deplorable conditions.

Siraj Wahhaj, 39, is accused of training the children for school shootings.

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During the raid Friday, authorities said that they had found the father armed with multiple firearms, including an assault rifle. They also said they believed there was a shooting range on the site.

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