After years of problems, postal service making changes in Peachtree City

After numerous complaints from residents, federal officials have implemented nightly checks to make sure all mail was delivered.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Some Fayette County residents say they're tired of waiting on the mail. They're hoping that new procedures will improve service.

Some told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen everything they drop in the mailbox is making it to the other end and delivery to their homes is fast and efficient.

However, others have said they have suffered through poor service for years, and the post office still isn't getting it right.

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“I got a call from the local post office.  I said, 'Am I gonna get mail today?' She said, 'Well, I hope so,'" resident Lisa Blanchar explained.

Federal officials told Channel 2 Action News they have taken action. They said customer service at the branch has been stepped up. The post office has now implemented nightly checks to make sure all the mail was delivered and there's now GPS tracking on the trucks.

Resident Rollin Rockett told Petersen he thinks the changes are working.

"Our mail consistently shows up on time. We haven't had any problems," he said.

The city has a link on its website where residents can report issues to the local branch, and if the problem persists, they can take it all the way up the ladder to Congressman Drew Ferguson, who put pressure on the postal service to get in step.

"That's the frustrating part. We feel like we have all these people involved now. They should be, not cleaning house, but getting some kind of process in order. But we haven't seen anything yet. I think it has even gotten worse, if possible." Blanchar said.

Postal officials insist measures taken will correct the problems residents have had with their mail.