Publix joins list of stores limiting amount of hand sanitizers customers can buy

Publix joins list of stores limiting amount of hand sanitizers customers can buy
Publix Grocery Store

ATLANTA — If you’re looking to buy hand sanitizer or some soaps, you may not be able to stock up as much as you want.

Publix says that some stores may limit the number of items being purchased by customers.

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The grocery chain joins a list of other stores limiting the amount of items purchased during the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, a Channel 2 Action News producer found a sign at a local Kroger store telling customers that they can only buy five of hand sanitizing products and cold and flu medications due to high demand and “to support all customers.”

The CDC recommends sticking to common-sense cold prevention practices like cleaning hands often with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer to prevent coronavirus.

Atlanta-based Home Depot is curbing the number of face masks in single orders placed online and in stores, according to CNN.

Five people in Georgia have been confirmed to have the coronavirus by the CDC.

  • Three people in Fulton County, including a father who recently traveled to Italy with his son and a person unrelated to them. The father and son are self-quarantined and recovering. The third person has not been identified and is hospitalized.
  • A 46-year-old woman in Polk County who is hospitalized.
  • One person in Cobb County who recently returned from Italy and is isolated at home.

There are six total presumptive positive cases in the state.

  • One is from Fulton County.
  • One is from Cherokee County.
  • Two are from Cobb County, but they are not connected to each other.
  • One person in Gwinnett County, who recently traveled to Italy.
  • One is from Fulton County, who is hospitalized.