• Prosecutors: Sneiderman used Neuman to get 3rd man

    By: Mike Petchenik


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Did Andrea Sneiderman manipulate her former boss into killing her husband so she could be with a third man? That’s the theory prosecutors revealed during a court hearing Friday.
    Sneiderman faces charges she conspired with Hemy Neuman to kill her husband, Rusty, in November 2010  --  moments after the Dunwoody father dropped his son off at preschool.
    Chief Assistant Prosecutor Don Geary told Judge Gregory Adams his office is investigating the nature of Ms. Sneiderman’s relationship with a man named Joseph Dell.
    “We believe it credible that Mr. Dell left his wife six months pregnant, about 6 ½ months after the murder of Rusty and at that time, openly took up a relationship with the defendant,” Geary said.
    Geary said investigators have uncovered evidence that suggests the endgame might not have been for Ms. Sneiderman and Neuman to be together, but for Sneiderman to be with Dell.
    “It is something we must follow up, given that Mr. Neuman claimed, not that he didn’t commit the murder, that was clear, but that he did so and was manipulated by this defendant,” Geary said.
    On Wednesday, an attorney representing Rusty Sneiderman’s family in a wrongful-death lawsuit against his widow, filed court documents that detail some aspects of her relationship with Dell.
    The paperwork, filed by attorney Esther Panitch, claims that Sneiderman called Joseph Dell 58 times while incarcerated in the DeKalb County Jail.  The calls were recorded each time.


    In one recording, the documents said, Dell “is heard crying and professed his love for defendant Sneiderman.”
    “This bold romantic gesture is met by defendant, who is apparently aware of the recording, with a response eerily similar to her handling of Neuman: ‘I do not know what to say,’” the documents said.
    They said in another recording, Sneiderman instructed Dell to move into her family’s home in Johns Creek.
    Sneiderman’s attorneys called the theory “incredible on its face.”
    “Mr. Dell is a friend of Ms. Sneiderman,” said attorney Thomas Clegg.  “The exact nature of their relationship, I think, is best described as ‘to be determined in the future.’  They are close friends, and at this time, Mr. Dell is providing invaluable assistance to Ms. Sneiderman by virtue of helping pick up her kids from the school, which she cannot do.”
    Clegg said he was not aware of any evidence that would show the relationship had any bearing on the murder case.
    Prosecutors are seeking to have Dell added to the witness list, which would mean he could have no contact with Sneiderman.  Her attorneys are contesting the request.
    “I don’t see any reason whatsoever why this woman should be precluded from contact with that individual,” said Clegg.

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    Prosecutors: Sneiderman used Neuman to get 3rd man