• Proposed racketeering indictment served to Clayton Police Chief


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned Clayton County Police Chief Greg Porter and his brother have been served with a proposed racketeering indictment.

    State Prosecuting Attorneys Council Executive Director Chuck Spahos said the council served Greg Porter and his brother with the proposed indictment Wednesday.

    The law requires the council to give the Porters 15 days notice and the case is scheduled for a Fayette County grand jury in December.

    Attorney Manny Arora represents Greg Porter. Pandora Palmer said she represents his brother, Clayton County Deputy Robert Porter.

    "Oh, he will fight it as hard as he can," Palmer said.

    The day before most families are serving turkey for dinner, Greg and Robert Porter got served with the proposed indictment.

    "He'll fight it with every resource that he's got," Arora said.

    "Did he do anything wrong, bad accounting anything? No," Palmer said.

    "They're going to do what they're going to do, it's their right to do it and it's our right to fight back," Arora said.

    Arora and Palmer said the indictment involves an off-duty job Greg Porter worked when he was deputy chief, checking up on probationers for the Clayton County DUI court. It's a job he passed on to his brother when he became police chief.

    The council said the brothers allegedly overbilled.

    One alleged instance involved Eagle Eye Consulting, a firm tied to Greg Porter. It alleged Eagle Eye invoice number 82 reported Eagle Eye had performed 21 hours of surveillance when it actually only did three hours.

    "I don't think anybody's done anything wrong, that's why we were open with the records from day one," Arora said.

    The lawyers said the Porter brothers, partly because they carry a badge, are entitled to speak to the grand jury if they wish and it's up to the grand jury to approve the indictment or not.

    They said Greg Porter's, wife Sabrina Porter, is named because she did bookkeeping for her husband. Attorneys said none of the Porters did anything wrong.

    Ex-court official Katrina Hood is also named.

    "We're blindsided by this. We're very disappointed, but that's the process. If everything went smoothly, I guess I'd be out of work," Arora said.

    About a year ago, Channel 2 Action News reported allegations of improper billing for an extra job Greg Porter took with the county DUI court. At the time, he was the deputy police chief.

    A search warrant of Greg Porter's home in August was tied to the investigation.

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