This may look like an ordinary school bus, but it's not

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — When Paulding County children go to their first day of school Tuesday, they will head to campus on new 25 new propane-fueled buses.

Propane-fueled buses are quieter and environmentally-friendly. School officials said emissions pollution from the buses is nearly nonexistent.


District leaders said they expect the buses will require less maintenance and reduce fuel costs.

The buses run more quietly than traditional diesel-powered buses. Drivers hope this will allow them to hear and better manage the students on their route.

Propane buses are believed to put out less harmful emissions than traditional buses. Propane auto gas emits up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide and 60 percent less carbon monoxide, school officials told us.

School leaders said that without the after-treatment devices, there is a cost savings in the long haul.

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