• Preschool sweethearts wed after matching 30 years later on online dating site

    By: ABC News


    From the moment Amy and Justin Pounders met, they knew they had a special connection. What the newlyweds didn't realize then, however, is that they actually knew each other from preschool.

    After meeting on Match.com, it took a month for them to realize what they had in common.

    "He pointed out a scar above his eye. He proceeded to tell me how he [had] gotten it from falling off monkey bars at preschool. He then said, '... Sunshine Preschool,'" Amy recalled, adding that when she heard the name of the preschool she realized it was the same school she had attended as a child.

    Justin then told his now-wife, "Don't you remember me telling you my first crush was a girl named Amy?"

    "That's when I lost it. I knew right then, I was this Amy," the bride continued.


    Their suspicions were confirmed eight months later when Justin's mom found a class photo featuring the two of them.

    "It blew my mind because I was already so in love with Justin," Amy continued. "This connection just proved to me what my heart already felt -- he was my soulmate."

    "Our hearts found a connection at 3 years old very innocently, but it was enough to recognize it again 30 years later," she continued.

    Last week, the Pounders, both 34 of St. Petersburg, Florida, took their serendipitous relationship a step further and got married in their hometown in front of 200 guests. Inside Mahaffey Theater, the two recreated a '90s homecoming dance during their reception.

    The two cite an unlikely "guardian angel" for guiding them back together -- Justin's late girlfriend.

    Pounders was in a previous relationship with a woman he was set to propose to, but she tragically died.

    "Justin could've given up on love and turned into a very angry person after tragically losing his beloved, but he didn't," Amy said. "So to find himself here again is truly nothing short of a miracle. He had a heart with an infinite capacity to love and I'm so thankful every day for that!"

    After their wedding, the Pounders went to Antigua for their honeymoon.

    Now, Amy is looking to "many, many more years of laughter, random dances and the love we will share as we become parents and adopt lots of cute animals. The more, the better!"

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