• Powdered alcohol prompts health, abuse concerns

    By: Tom Regan


    A product that combines freeze dried hard liquor and water to create a cocktail in a pouch has prompted growing concern among some Georgia officials that it may be snuck into public events where alcohol is prohibited and abused by underage drinkers.

    "I think there's going to be problems with abuse of this product, whether it's people trying to snort it, inject it, or mix it with other products." said Georgia Poison Center Director Dr. Gaylord Lopez.

    Earlier in March, the federal government approved the sale of Palcohol. The powdered product will be sold in pouches that contain the equivelant of 1.5  ounces of hard alcohol and flavored ingredients making a variety of mixed drinks.

    The creator of Palcohol says he designed product for situations, like camping or hiking, when carrying bottles of alchohol may be a burden.

    In a message posted on the company's website, he described concerns of widespread abuse as unwarranted hysteria.

    "There is absolutely no reason why someone would snort powered alcohol when they can do a shot in two seconds and accomplish the same thing." said Mark Phillips.

    Phillips said the product is no easier to conceal that small bottles of liquor and it will only be sold to buyers 21 and older.

    Students at Georgia State University said they had not heard much about Palcohol. Some said it didn't seem very appealing.

    "It sounds kind of gross. Makes me think of taking an Alka-Selzer" said student Dillon Tanksley.

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