• Popular Atlantic Station restaurant fails health inspection with score of 63

    By: Carol Sbarge


    ATLANTA - A popular restaurant at Atlantic Station in midtown failed a health inspection.

    Chick-a-Biddy on 19th Street advertises itself as being a place with farm-fresh chicken and sides. On March 14, the restaurant failed its inspection with a score of 63.

    The score is a big drop-off from the previous inspection done last September, when the restaurant got a high score of 95.

    Violations this time included several food items not maintained at 41 degrees or below, other food items not maintained at a hot enough temperature, the walk-in cooler not keeping a cold enough temperature and a worker cracking raw eggs and handling a waffle without first washing their hands.


    In an email statement, General Manager Shelby Willis told Channel 2 anchor Carol Sbarge

    “As unfortunate as it is that we received that score it is very easily explained. Our walk-in coolers thermostat was not working properly and was reading a different temp then (sic) the food inside it.”

    Willis said as soon as she learned of the issue during the inspection, she voluntarily closed for that day and immediately got the problem fixed.

    They reopened the next day with the approval of the health department. Chick-a-Biddy will be reinspected later this month.

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