• Poll: Gingrich holds commanding lead in Georgia


    ATLANTA,None - A new poll conducted for Channel 2 Action News shows Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich with a double-digit lead in Georgia.

    The Landmark/Rosetta Stone poll of 1,300 voters was conducted on Feb. 23, less than two weeks before the state presidential primary.

    Gingrich increased his lead slightly since a poll conducted earlier in February, receiving 38 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum received 25 percent, Mitt Romney 19 percent and Ron Paul 4 percent in the poll.

    Numbers were similar when broken down by men and women. The number of undecided voters remains at 13 percent before the March 6 primary.

    "That essentially says they're not right now in Newt Gingrich's camp so they're either going to break for Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney," said Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane.

    Crane told Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary that Gingrich is also polling well in Tennessee but he doesn't see him winning any other states on Super Tuesday.

    "There are 10. So, win two, lose eight; the delegate math is not good," Crane said.

    Crane told Geary he expects Romney to have momentum after primaries in Michigan and Arizona, but Santorum continues to do well among conservatives.

    "He will carry evangelical voters and that's roughly 62 percent of declared Republicans in Georgia," Crane said.

    Poll results show Gingrich picked up voters outside metro Atlanta since the last Landmark/Rosetta Stone poll. Romney has added voters in metro Atlanta but Santorum has seen a slight decline. Paul's numbers remain unchanged across the state.

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