• Police warn of wandering cow on I-675


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Police are asking interstate drivers to be on the lookout for a cow or a wandering bull, sometimes grazing in the median.

    It shows up from time to time around the southern end of I-675 in Clayton and Henry counties.

    Channel 2's Jeff Dore went to the area, where he spoke to authorities about their day-long search for the animal, dubbed "Kevin the Cow."

    Police suspect the bull has been responsible for at least one traffic accident near I-675, so they'd like to find it and catch it.

    When the bull comes out of the woods to graze by I-675, the 911 switchboards are utterly swamped. It's an ongoing occurrence, according to Henry County police.

    "We're talking maybe six months. A lot of calls started about that time and they're numerous. And usually if we get one, we get numerous at that time," said Henry County Police Sgt Joey Smith.

    Stephanie Moody heard about the situation through Facebook.

    "About two days ago, they were just wondering what cows were doing on 675," Moody said.

    Police said they're taking the matter seriously, noting the danger of drivers running into the cow.

    "I think they need to put some fences up on the highways before someone like me runs into that cow," said motorcyclist Mike Galloway.

    Police urge drivers to be careful.

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