• Police warn of killer preying on homeless

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - Police are warning the public to be vigilant after two homeless men were murdered while they were sleeping near downtown Atlanta.

    “Please be aware that we have someone that appears to be targeting people that are (outside) sleeping at night. We are very concerned about that,” said Atlanta Police Department Capt. Paul Geurrucci.

    The latest murder happened likely overnight Tuesday into Wednesday on Northside Drive, not far from Atlanta Police Headquarters. A homeless man was shot multiple times while he was sleeping and curled up in a blanket, police said.

    “This wasn’t a thing where he got up, he knew it was happening, flailing about. He’s in full rigor, with his body stiff like he’s asleep. Whoever did it shot him, caused instant death and that was it,” said Atlanta police detective David Quinn.

    Police say another man, also likely homeless, was shot repeatedly while sleeping on Ralph McGill Boulevard and Courtland Street in northeast Atlanta.

    Police are not identifying the victims until they can notify family.

    “I’m shocked, I’m scared,” said Brent Mitchell, who is homeless.

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