• Police: Thief used deer stand to steal copper wiring from phone pole

    By: Carl Willis


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga.,None - A metal thief is going to new heights to cash in, using a piece of hunting equipment to get up to telephone lines.

    Paulding County Sheriff's Office officials told Channel 2's Carl Willis the recent crime left some without phone service.

    Investigators said this thief used a deer stand and stole enough copper wiring to stretch the length of five football fields.

    "You've got to be bold to do it," said Paulding County resident Jason Billes.

    A spokesperson said the theft happened in the area near GA 61 near High Shoals Road in Dallas.

    "It's stupid, really," Paulding County resident Beau Eubanks said. "Why would you go through that much trouble to make a few dollars?"

    Despite the brazen method of getting the metal, Paulding investigators said no one saw the thief in the act.

    Investigators said the crime came to light when residents noticed their phone service was out.

    Sheriff's office officials said they have not ordered any extra patrols because the acts are random and have not been narrowed to any specific areas.

    Anyone with information on this theft is asked to call the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 770-443-3015.

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