Teen faces trial as adult in murder of man selling video game

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga — A judge ruled Tuesday a 16-year-old will face trial as an adult and will remain in jail for her alleged role in the murder of a Sandy Springs man trying to sell a video gaming system on Craigslist.

Judge Karen Woodson’s decision came after a hearing in which a detective testified the couple had planned the robbery for more than a week leading up to the crime, even searching the terms “how to rob someone” on YouTube.

Police have charged Nathaniel Vivian, 20, and his 16-year-old girlfriend, Kayla Dixon, with the murder of 28-year-old Danny Zeitz.

Detective David Lapides testified Vivian admitted he had sold his own PS4 to pay his rent a few weeks earlier and wanted to rob someone else of their console.

So, Lapides said Vivian searched on Craigslist and found Zeitz’s ad.

“They made plans to him meet,” said Lapides. "She (Kayla) was a little nervous and took Nathan’s gun from the glove box.”

Lapides said the couple initially planned to grab the console and drive off, but when Zeitz resisted, he said Dixon fired off a shot, hitting Vivian in the hand, and killing Zeitz.

He said Dixon drove Vivian and their 16-month-old daughter to Northside Hospital, where they told ER staff Vivian had been robbed in Brookhaven. When Brookhaven police didn’t buy the story, Lapides testified Vivian admitted he was shot during the robbery.

Lapides also testified the couple texted each other before and after the robbery.

“These messages went back and forth for a while,” Lapides testified. “There's messages between both of them asking if they're OK.  Making sure you delete the messages.”

After the hearing, a Zeitz family friend read a brief statement on their behalf.

“Danny’s entire future was brutally ripped from him in a senseless act of violence,” Bob Levy said. “The loss of Danny has reached the depths of our souls.”

Levy said the family was at peace knowing Zeitz was in “God’s hands” and they thanked people from around the world who have shown them support.

“We are here today on behalf of our son and brother to see that justice is served,” he said.