Police set up task force to catch bold thieves targeting city properties

Police set up task force to catch bold thieves targeting city properties

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — Police in South Fulton County say they're fed up with bold burglars targeting cars on and around city property, even at such places as City Hall.

Police have created a special task force to deal with the growing problem.

“As soon as they see that car running or person pumping gas, they take advantage of that. To them it’s an easy crime,” said Sgt. Marcus Dennard.

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Taking aim at a growing trend plaguing metro Atlanta, College Park police have created a new task force to combat car thefts, break-ins and slider crimes.

The department recently formed the task force, which is comprised of undercover agents, when it started to see an uptick in these types of crimes.


Since last week, there have been break-ins at City Hall and in neighboring East Point.

One car was broken into along Princeton Avenue, just 200 feet away from the Police Department.

Police say, these criminals may be bold but warned that the new unit is coming for them.

“It was very important to be proactive in creating this team, based on the crime we were facing at the time,” said Dennard.

He’s talking about the major auto theft ring police busted in January that terrorized College Park and surrounding cities.

That investigation led to 6 arrests.

“We have now been able to make a dent in these crimes,” said Dennard.

It’s news that helps soothe the nerves of people like Fred Fox who owns a café along Main Street.

“It definitely puts some preventative measures in place so I think it’s a great idea,” he said.

Police here say, their agents are now meeting with detectives from the surrounding cities and sharing information, as needed, to make they're able to stop these criminals from committing these crimes.