• Police seeking leads in DeKalb neighborhood break-ins


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Neighbors desperately want police to catch the thieves responsible for nearly a dozen burglaries in their DeKalb County community.

    So far, police made one arrest, but believe there is another crew targeting houses in the Northcrest community area on Regalwoods Drive.

    Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman spoke to an elderly victim about how thieves got in and why she can’t replace what they stole.

    The woman, who did not want to appear on camera, said the thieves went around her house, grabbed a large stone, and threw it through her window.

    “There was just glass everywhere,” she said.

    The victim, who is blind, showed Stockman her boarded back door and the rock that was still sitting in the living room of her Northcrest home.

    “It was very upsetting. It took me the rest of the week, to get myself together,” she said.

    The victim said the thieves made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and coins, including her grandmother’s wedding ring.

    Police said there have been nearly a dozen break-ins in the last few weeks near the area.

    “Just about every street within this neighborhood (has been hit),” said neighbor Nelli Laubmann.

    Laubmann said the problems started around Christmas.

    “It’s just stressful to think about because we have to hide all of our valuables before we leave every day,” said Laubmann.

    Another neighbor said she and her kids are moving out because of the crime.

    “I’m more worried about coming face-to-face with someone and getting hurt than anything else. That’s what worries me the most – my family,” said neighbor Amy, who withheld her last name.

    Police said they have two persons of interest. Police arrested Derrick Holder, 20, during an attempted burglary at another home.

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