• Police seek link in string of Buckhead armed robberies


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police say they are investigating a string of violent crimes in the Buckhead area.

    Within 48 hours, a man was robbed and locked in his trunk and two Georgia Tech students were carjacked.

    One of the carjacking victims told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri he thinks the group of men was watching him and his friend, waiting for the moment he opened his car door. As soon as he did, the men were waiting with a gun pointed at them.

    “They were pretty coordinated, because it seemed like the moment I was about to step out of the car, that’s when they swarmed us,” the carjacking victim said.

    The victim, who asked to not be identified, said a classmate dropped him off at his apartment on Pharr Road in around midnight on Friday. When he opened the door, he said at least three men ordered them out of the car at gunpoint.

    “I think they were waiting in their cars right beside us, sort of on the opposite side of the road,” the victim said.

    He said the men had two other cars parked directly across the street. The carjackers took the students’ wallets, cellphones and car keys.

    “It was kind of like a dress shirt that he had on, or something like that. So I was kind of surprised that someone like that would do something like this,” he said.

    The men drove off with a total of three cars, which police said is unusual.

    “It’s unusual It does happen occasionally that sometimes a robbing crew like this might work in a team,” Greg Lyon of the Atlanta Police Department said.

    Police are also investigating two armed robberies Sunday morning less than a mile away in the parking deck at the Hampton Inn on Piedmont Road.

    According to the police report, two men ordered a man and a woman at gunpoint to hand over their belongings, then forced the woman into the backseat of her car. They ordered the man to get in the trunk of his car and locked him inside until police arrived to let him out.

    Police do not know for sure if they crimes are connected, but said they are looking into it.

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    Police seek link in string of Buckhead armed robberies

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