Police searching for man who's robbed several business over the last three months

Police searching for man who's robbed several business over the last three months

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police are trying to find a serial robber who hit several businesses over the last three months.

Officers told Channel 2's Tom Jones the man sat in the IHOP in Morrow and read a menu before he robbed the restaurant.

"He goes up to the cash register and shows her the gun. You're looking at a man morrow police are calling a serial armed robber. He is robbing the IHOP with plenty of customers around," said Sgt. Q. Lumpkin with the Morrow Police Department. "He's very brazen and very comfortable."


He's so comfortable, he sat inside the restaurant on Nov. 11, looked at a menu and even went to the restroom. Then he went to the register with his cellphone to his ear and ordered the cashier to hand over the money.

"He's hit Taco Bell, Best Western, Waffle House, I-Hop and Best Western was twice," Lumpkin said.

In surveillance video, you can see him walk in the Best Western Hotel like any normal customer. He twlla the pregnant clerk he doesn't need a room, instead he says he needs all the money out of the register.

Clerk: The money out the register.
Robber: Yep.

The video shows the armed robber then racks his gun to let her know he is serious. She calmly gathers the money and then asks why he needs it.

Clerk: Can I ask what you need it for.
Robber: Rough day.

The robber then tells her she can call police if she wants.

Robber: You can call police.
Clerk: OK. Do you want to leave your name.
Robber: Really.
Clerk: You told me to call the police.

Police said he's so comfortable during the robberies, they believe he's not just doing his dirty work in Morrow.

"It's important that we find him," Lumpkin said.

You may have noticed the robber on the phone.

Police hope someone will recognize him so officers can check his phone records and tie him to this location and other crimes.