• Police search for link in two armed carjackings


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are investigating two carjackings in a two-day span.

    One woman, who asked not to be identified, told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri she is still frightened after a man pointed a gun at her head outside a store in the busy Edgewood Retail District on Moreland Avenue Thursday night.

    "He was able to open the door and at that point he put the gun to my head and told me to get out; all I could think is, it’s a material possession. You can have it," she told Viteri. "He punched me in my face. Told me give me the phone. I gave him the phone and he jumped in the car."

    The woman said two other men ran out from a wall next to the store and got in her car as they drove off.

    Early Saturday morning, Randy Butterfield and his wife said two young men carjacked them as they walked to their parked car on Gresham Avenue.

    Police recovered their abandoned Volvo Monday, banged up and out of gas. The couple said both men had guns.

    "They were pointing it at our heads. So that just freaked me out and it was very surreal," Mel Selcho said.

    "It's just crazy. I mean it’s insane that somebody for so little money would put your life in jeopardy," added Butterfield.

    Police said it's not yet clear if the two crimes are connected. The female victim said she believed the two men will continue until they're caught.

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