• Police search for gas station carjackers

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police released surveillance video of two men involved in a carjacking at a busy gas station in northeast Atlanta.

    Investigators said the men carjacked a man at gunpoint at the Chevron on Monroe Drive near Piedmont Circle after one of the men pretended to befriend the victim.

    "It was kind of unexpected when he pulled out the gun on me," the man, named Jordan, told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri. "It was very shocking."

    Jordan said one of the men asked him for change to buy cigars in the convenience store. Jordan purchased the cigars and told Viteri he spent more than 10 minutes chatting with the man.
    At one point he said the man's accomplice suddenly got into his passenger seat, giving the first man a chance to pull out a gun.

    "He said, 'Hey, my friend wants to talk to you,' and his friend jumps in the car and he's out with the gun on the other side," Jordan said.

    Jordan said the man threatened him at gunpoint, so he got out of the car.

    The two men drove off toward Piedmont Circle. Police said a third person, a woman, followed in a black Toyota Camry.

    "You never know how mad they are. He could have shot me,you know what I'm saying, so you never can take life for granted," Jordan said.

    Atlanta police Sgt. Greg Lyon said the bold crime differed from many carjackings, which typically happen at night in secluded areas,
    "Not generally in a gas station in the morning, people are coming and going from work, they're getting their coffee, so, very brazen."

    Police hope surveillance images from the gas station will help lead to identification of the gunmen.

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