Police say man kidnapped mother and daughter from Kennesaw home

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A man is in jail, accused of kidnapping a woman and her child.

Police said they went to the home after a call for help, after the phone line suddenly cut off.

"i was nervous for the kids," an anonymous neighbor said.

She said she saw officers flock to Shiloh Ridge Run, searching in and around a family's home

"They would go around the surrounding houses with flashlights. I know the lights were coming in my house. And they eventually got in the house."


Police rushed to the home and found a broken phone, the same one that had been used to call for help. They also found a door that appeared to have been forced open and other signs of a struggle and kidnapping.

All neighbors could do was worry about the young mother and her child.

"I know that they had kids there... for a couple of years now from being toddlers on up, so I was just scared for the kids, mostly," the neighbor said.

Fortunately, police said, the vicitms were rescued.

Police said they were able to track and eventually arrest the suspect, Daniel Robert Green, 34, of Jasper.

Police said the victims were unharmed.

The mother did not want to comment but told Channel 2's Carl Willis she used to date Green.