Roswell Taco Bell worker accused of credit card fraud

ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell police say there could be dozens of fraud victims after they arrested a Taco Bell employee who was stealing customer’s credit card information at a drive-thru.

It happened at the Taco Bell on Holcomb Bridge Road.

Police say employee Rosetta Brinson had figured out a quick way to rip people off, and she was captured on security video.

“She would swipe the card several times pretending the machine is not working and telling them she needs to manually enter that card information into the machine which she does,” said Lisa Holland.

Officer Lisa Holland says after Brinson had the credit card numbers, along with the security number on the back of the card, the fraud began.

“She takes out her cellphone and captures a photograph at the cash register,” said Holland.

Roswell police say once Brinson had their credit card information, she was very careful and only made some small purchases so the victims would not be tipped off.

“She would keep it under the radar, $70 to $50 purchases here and there,” said Brinson.

When one victim noticed the fraudulent charges, she immediately called police.

“She remembered this person at the Taco Bell (and said) there has to be more victims out there that just didn’t notice their charges,” said Holland.

Brinson is now facing identity fraud charges, and it's not the first time. Police say she also faced similar charges in 2013 for doing the same thing.

We spoke with one Taco Bell customer who says this is a great reminder.

“That’s horrible, and we all have to be vigilant and keep track of our credit card. Some of the responsibility is on us,” said Rahela Wada.

Roswell police are now looking for more victims who may have used their credit cards at the Taco Bell drive-thru during February and March.