• Daughter of slain man calls him a hero for saving her life


    ATLANTA - Police say a man was trying to protect his daughter when he was shot and killed by four men at his northwest Atlanta home Tuesday morning.

    Police believe Jerrick Jackson, who we've since learned is the brother of DeKalb megachurch Pastor Wiley Jackson, was the victim of a robbery.

    Channel 2's Ryan Young spoke to the victim's daughter who said her father died a hero.

    "I know he died a hero. That what makes me happy. I could have lost both my parents. Just to know he did that for me means the world to me. And it really shows me he values me more than a stepdaughter, but as an actual daughter," said Anbiya Mitchell.

    She was upstairs when her 46-year old father tried stopping robbers after he and his fiancee arrived at their home.

    "They were ambushed when they came home. When they got out the car, four guys came up with their guns and pushed them on the inside," said relative Octavia Adams.

    The men took a wallet and a purse but wanted more.

    "They asked him who was upstairs and he told them that his daughter was up there and don't go up there. So I guess he tried to stop them from going up the steps and there was a struggle and he got shot," Adams said.

    The robbers shot Jerrick Jackson in front of his fiancee several times.

    "When I first heard the shots, it did scare me to the point I froze. I dropped my phone. I got cracks in my phone and everything and I was just really scared," Mitchell said.

    Meanwhile, police are still searching for the shooters, who they hope to find through several leads.

    "I want the public to know that we have several leads that we're working on," said Atlanta police Maj. Darryl Tolleson.

    The victim's brother, Pastor Wiley Jackson released the following statement:

    "I am deeply saddened by the loss of my youngest brother, Jerrick Jackson. This is another senseless act of violence. My family not only lost our loved one, but there are several other people who are affected. I have dedicated my entire life to work to uplift the community and invest into the lives of youth, specifically young men. I am committed even the more to continue to invest into the lives of our youth. To the young men who committed this senseless act, as a man of faith and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have already forgiven you, but I ask you to turn yourselves in so that you can begin the process of true redemption."

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    Daughter of slain man calls him a hero for saving her life