• City worker shoots carjacking suspect after woman jumps on hood of stolen car


    SMYRNA, Ga. - A Smyrna city worker shot a man who was attempting to carjack a woman's vehicle on Friday, authorities said.

    Surveillance video shows a Cobb County woman jumping onto the hood of the car during the attempted carjacking.

    Police said a good Samaritan shot the driver, stopping the theft and saving the woman.
    The incident happened Friday afternoon at a car wash on Highland Parkway.
    Witnesses told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt that they couldn’t believe how brazen the carjackers were. They said the car wash was full of customers at the time.
    The good Samaritan was identified as a City of Smyrna employee who was getting his car washed. Police said his quick action saved the woman's life.

    “Oh, my God, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m just shaking right now,” witness Tasha Orr said.
    Orr said she was at the busy 3-Minute Car Wash when a group of four men hopped into a white Honda and tried to steal it.
    The car wash’s surveillance cameras recorded the incident. The video shows the men inside a red minivan scoping out the parking lot and then the woman jumping onto the hood of her car as they tried to drive away with the Honda.
    Seconds later, a gunshot stopped the getaway as the city worker shot the carjacker, and the Honda’s owner safely slid off the hood of the car.
    “She would have died. He came by with the car. He picked up speed. She was on the hood and I saw her starting t0 get off the hood. He picked up speed. He was going to go across there, and if that guy didn’t shoot she probably would end up losing her life,” Orr said.
    “Something could have happened, because she wasn’t letting go until that car would have thrown her off,” witness Arthur Lee said.
    Police saw the drama unfold and took off after the red van with the three suspects.
    “He just had a gun in the door, he was going to try and shoot (it) out or something,” Lee said.
    Witnesses said the good Samaritan likely saved a life. The suspect, who was shot in the shoulder, is expected to survive. He was taken to Kennestone Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He will be charged with aggrivated assault and theft by taking motor vehicle.
    “I don’t want to say he deserved to get shot, but he definitely deserved to get stopped,” Lee said.
    The search continues for the three suspects in the minivan.

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