Father shot, killed outside NE Atlanta Kroger

Man shot, killed outside infamous Kroger

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are investigating a fatal shooting outside the Kroger on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Northeast Atlanta.

APD confirms the man was shot in the chest and killed.

A friend told Channel 2’s Carl Willis that the victim is a construction worker from Alabama in his late 30s, who is also a father of four. Jason Shelton says his friend was just trying secure his property when he was shot and killed.

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Shelton says he was working construction out behind the Kroger on Ponce when he and his friend Josh noticed that someone had broken into their work truck.

“The individual was already in the truck and Josh just slapped the window with his hand just to get his attention,” Shelton said.

That’s when Shelton says the suspect raised a gun and fired through the driver side window hitting Josh in the chest.

Shelton says all he could do was duck to avoid becoming a victim himself.

“I rolled over and was praying to God I didn't get shot. I saw the BMW come by. He slowed down when he got beside me and then he accelerated. I jumped up and ran around the building to get a tag number he was already out of sight,” Shelton said.

There were several witnesses outside around 2 p.m. who also the black BMW with tinted windows speed off.

“That was the only thing I saw. I didn't get any license plate or anything like that. They were going really fast, and plus I figured they were the ones that did it so I was kind of like ducking down a little bit. It was kind of a scary situation,” witness Rob Mangum said.

Shelton says the shooter was after the truck, but didn't get it. And now, they’ve taken a father from his family for nothing.

“Josh was a hell of a good guy with four kids. Really sad,” Shelton said.

One witness says he saw two black BMWs leave the scene. Police can only confirm one. They say it had dark tinted windows, a sunroof and temporary tags. Police are reviewing surveillance video from the store and ask anyone with information to call APD homicide.