• Police investigate reports of illegal club in music studio

    By: John Bachman


    ATLANTA - A music studio was the site of dozens of investigators Monday following complaints from neighbors about questionable activity.

    The studio owner allowed Channel 2's John Bachman inside and gave him his side of the story.

    Sam Stone owns the property on 860 Hank Aaron Drive, where Sam Studios is located.

    Stone took Bachman inside the building about an hour after several city code enforcement officers searched the place. Stone denied concerns about an illegal club at the facility.

    "There is no illegal club, whatsoever. We have 20-30 people that sit around and listen to music," Stone said.

    Atlanta City Councilwoman Carla Smith represents the neighborhood.  She spoke with Bachman on the phone, and said right before a council meeting, she saw 40 cars parked outside just a few weeks ago.  She said neighbors have complained about loud parties from midnight to 6 a.m.

    But Stone says otherwise.

    "I will clearly say I'm being harassed by the city council person, Carla Smith, who is executing a personal agenda," Stone said.

    Neighbors shared concerns with Channel 2 about alcohol being allowed inside.

    "I actually have never seen any drinking myself, but I invite anyone who is curious about what we do, to come out, be friendly and enjoy the time," said Stone.

     Stone said code enforcement came a month ago and found nothing.  Right now, Stone said he does not have an alcohol license, but he said he's working to get it.

    "Bottom line is we're going to be here making music tonight. We're making music right now because this is America and we're free," Stone said.

    He said the only ticket he got during the search was for a minor water violation.

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