• Police say man using phone GPS caused deadly crash


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - Police say a man is dead all because a lost driver was more focused on his phone's GPS system than the road.
    Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to officers and they are urging drivers to pull over and then get directions.
    “It seems that he was using the electronic device while he was operating the vehicle and that's never a good mix,” Chief Keith Meadows with College Park Police said.
    On Sept. 5,  police say Kingg Fareed, 39, and his two children were lost near the airport, when Fareed made a U-turn into the path of the motorcyclist in College Park on Sullivan Road.

    The motorcyclist, Jamel Houseworth, was killed.

    Officers have charged Fareed with involuntary manslaughter, improper U-turn and failure to use due care when using an electronic device.
    Fareed, visiting from North Carolina, told police he was using his GPS to find his way around.
    That's when he says he missed a turn, and made a quick U-turn on Sullivan to get back on track. 

    “And while he was making that U-turn it's my understanding he made contact with a motorcycle that was coming in the opposite direction,” Meadows said.
    The collision killed Houseworth.
    Chief Meadows says this crash is why police urge people to follow the law and not to operate electronic devices while driving.
    “We encourage people to pull over to the side of the road or pull over into a parking lot or a reasonable place where you can make whatever transmission you're electing to do,” Meadows said.
    Chief Meadows says that message is especially important for people flying into the city who don't know their way around.
    “It could very well save a life,” Meadows said.
    Chief Meadows says accidents where electronic devices are used are up around the country.

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