• Police, family seek answers in Clayton Co. father's death

    By: Carl Willis


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Bullet holes riddled a Clayton County home. Inside, Denarold Florence, a 29-year-old father of one, was killed.

    "He's not going to call my phone," said Florence's mother, Brenda Hunter. "That was my only son, and he's gone."

    Clayton County police said Florence was shot through the door of his bedroom in the home on Queen Drive.

    "My heart is totally broken in a thousand pieces," Hunter said.

    Hunter told Channel 2's Carl Willis her son was trying to barricade himself inside after hearing a gunshot at the front door.

    Police said Florence's roommate answered a knock at the door Saturday night.

    According to police, the gunman asked for that roommate by name, not knowing that he was standing in front of him.

    As the roommate closed the door, the gunman fired a shot that went through and hit him just below the eye.

    "He just fell on the ground and was basically playing dead," said Benjamin Barnes.

    Barnes is Florence's longtime friend and also lives at the home.
    He walked Willis through the crime scene and described how the shooter heard a noise,
    and then fired four shots into Florence's room as he tried to block the door.

    "They say one of the bullets hit him in the abdomen and his lungs collapsed and he ended up bleeding out on the floor," said Barnes.

    Hunter said the scariest part is that the shooter fired blindly into the room where Florence's 5-year-old son sleeps when he visits.

    "My grandson was supposed to have been here that weekend," she said. "They could have killed my grandson."

    Clayton County police are waiting to speak with the surviving shooting victim to create a composite sketch of the gunman.

    Police said the motive is unclear, but Barnes said loads of boxes that Florence brought in and out of the house may have attracted the wrong attention.

    While they may have looked enticing, they were only filled with metal hangers.

    Florence brought the boxes home from work to label for extra income. He was in the middle of that work when he was shot.

    The victim's family urged anyone with information to call Clayton County police.

    "Give us some understanding, because I don't know what happened," said Hunter. "I don't and I want to know."

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