• Police cracking down on speeders in school zones


    DUNWOODY, Ga. - In just two weeks, Dunwoody police have written dozens of tickets to drivers speeding through school zones despite a campaign to get drivers to slow down.

    Channel 2 Action News covered the launch of that campaign on the first day of school on Aug. 10. Since then, police have written more than 50 tickets.

    “Ever since we did that story, people have still not heeded the warnings that we gave them and people are still speeding in school zones and potentially putting our children at risk,” said Dunwoody Police Officer Tim Fecht.

    Officers say some drivers they’ve pulled over have been driving nearly double the speed limit.

    "We're supposed to be 25 mph, but some people are getting upwards of 35, 40 mph in those school zones, which doesn't leave much time for reaction,” said Fecht.

    Parents in Dunwoody who walk their kids to school on sidewalks just feet from the roadways had the same message for drivers -- slow down.

    "I'm about this close to being the angry old man who yells, "Slow down!" all the time,” said parent Joe Stutz, who walks his kids to and from Dunwoody Elementary each day.

    "There's a school zone there. There's a school zone beyond that. There's a school zone behind that. People ought to know that by now. It's not that hard to slow down a little bit.”

    Parent Sara Flood also sees the risk firsthand as she walks her kids to school every day.

    “Especially when we're crossing the streets and my kids are riding their scooters on the streets, yes, it's very scary,” she said.

    Officers say they'll continue patrolling near school zones until they see the speeders slow down.

    "Safety is always going to be our top priority, and hopefully, we can teach our drivers to drive more appropriately in those areas,” Fecht said.

    Officers say texting will get drivers an additional fine.

    "Even just talking on the phone, it's amazing how distracted you can be,” Fecht said.

    Tickets range from $125 to $400 for repeat offenders.

    Dunwoody police say they'll continue to patrol the city's seven school zones until speeders let up.

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