• Police charge man for allegedly decapitating puppies

    By: Ross Cavitt


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A metro landscaper is behind bars charged with beheading two puppies. Neighbors said they gave the puppies to the man and his girlfriend to watch for just a few days.

    The puppies' owners and neighbors told Channel 2's Ross Cavitt they have been left with nightmares after seeing what happened to the dogs.

    "I saw that I dropped what I was doing and just walked away. I couldn't bear to see that because I raised those dogs," Tyler Tedesco told Cavitt about the moment he and his friends saw the two pit bull puppies had been violently killed and buried behind Robert Davis' home

    Davis was supposed to be caring for the two puppies for just a few days.

    Police arrested Davis and charged the part time landscaper with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

    Tedesco said Davis never said why he did it, but suddenly blurted it out to a friend over the weekend.

    "He told John that he was just messing around. You don't mess around like that. You don't sit there and say 'I've chopped your dogs' head off.'"

    When the group saw that the puppies' heads had been severed, they quickly left the house and told Davis on the way out they were calling 911.

    When an officer arrived at the home hours later, he found the bodies of the puppies had been thrown in the woods, allegedly to try and conceal them from police.

    Police also charged Davis with tampering with evidence.

    Tedesco said Davis and his girlfriend were supposed to watch the pups until a pit bull rescue group could come get them.

    "We all ran back to the house and cried. As soon as we saw it, it was something nobody wants to go through or see. And it's really hard for all of us to know that somebody could even do that to a poor innocent animal," Tedesco said.

    Davis is being held at the Cobb County Jail on $250,000 bond. The charges against Davis could get him 13 years in prison.

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