Police: Burglar thought he cut security wires, still caught on camera

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — Police said a burglar broke into a local nail salon and got away with cash.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was in Gainesville where police said the man scoped out the shop for one specific reason.

Police said the burglar targeted the salon because he knows the nail techs get tipped with cash. They said it’s the same reason they want him off the streets before he hits another nail shop.

Surveillance video obtained by Washington showed the man walk into the back door of the nail studio and spa inside the Lakeshore Mall before 8 a.m.

"Somebody come in through the back door like you see in the video," the business owner told Washington, "He just randomly picked it and (was) lucky to get in."


While inside, the shop owner said that the man cut the wires to what he thought was the security system. It turned out the wires he cut were to the audio system, so the camera was rolling as the man made his way inside.

“Not fair for us or anybody or business owners,” the salon owner told Washington.

Sgt. Kevin Holbrook, with the Gainesville Police Department, told Washington, “He did not hit any other businesses in the mall. He went to this nail salon, probably knowing that they do a lot of cash business.”

The owner wouldn't say how much the guy got away with and police are hoping someone will recognize the suspect in the video by his distinctive camouflage backpack.

Meanwhile police are warning other nail salon owners in the area.

"If you do cash business, if you have employees that receive cash tips, do not keep large amounts of cash in your store," Holbrook said.

The salon owner said he added extra security to his back door and as for the suspect, police believe he lives in the area.

Anyone with information is asked to give Gainesville police a call.