POLL: Handel holds slight lead over Ossoff in 6th District

ATLANTA — A new WSB-TV, Landmark Communications poll shows Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff are neck-and-neck in the tightly contested 6th Congressional District race.

The new poll of 611 likely voters shows Handel with 49.1 percent of the vote and Ossoff with 46.5 percent.

But with 4.4 percent undecided and a margin of error of 4 percent, the race is still very close.

Landmark Communications President Mark Rountree says this shows Handel may be consolidating Republicans around her campaign.

“There were more Republicans that actually voted, or more people who voted Republican I should say, and they’re now getting behind Handel in bigger numbers. And she has now taken the lead in the race. It’s a small lead, but she has taken a small lead,” Rountree said.

Ossoff said he always knew the runoff was going to be a close, hard-fought race.

“It’s a tight race. I think it’s going to stay a tight race. I think it’s going to come down to who can offer a compelling vision for fresh leadership, independent leadership,” Ossoff said.


On Thursday, a Federal Court Judge agreed with several civil rights organizations and ordered the state to reopen voter registration for the June 20 runoff.

Some experts say that could have some impact on this race.

Handel’s campaign spokesperson, Charlie Harper, says it shows the Democrats are desperate.

“It shows what happens when Democrats know they’re losing. They sue to change the rules midstream,” Harper said. “They can’t win with the votes they have. They’re going to try and get more.

A Democratic Super-Pac released an internal poll Friday, In it, Ossoff is leading Handel by two points.